Call Center Voice ChatBots

Call center owners are excited about chatbots. 

Having just returned from @LeadCon, I wanted to share some of my research.

Every now and then I get asked about call center chatbots.

As it turn out, building a voice chatbot from scratch is not terribly difficult.

But because we're not clear about all the legal constraints around TPCA, robocalls, and auto-dial, we decided to refrain for now.

However, If you're interested, here is some of my research on chatbots for call centers.

  1. Amazon Lex - Amazon's open platform for building an AI voice chatbot.  After talking with developers, we were going to go with Amazon Lex because of the other Amazon suite of services that we could leverage for further development.
  2. DialogFlow - Google's open platform for building an AI voice chatbot.  Dialogflow also works as a NLP (natural language processing) for text based bot. We already use Dialogflow as our NLP backend for Chatfuel Messenger bots. Thus the learning curve for us would be minimal if we went this way. 
  3. Twilio - We have already used Twilio for SMS autoresponders and notifications with Messenger bot. Our developers said that their' platform is the best platforms for voice bots. 
  4. TeleDrip - TeleDrip is comprehensive voice and SMS platform with their own private NLP (natural language processing) . Choose them if you're not wanting to custom develop anything but want a complete product. 
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