ManyChat Alternatives

Are you looking for a ManyChat Alternative?

ManyChat is one of the most popular Facebook Messenger Chatbot platforms. It's pricing is aggressively competitive and you will not likely find a better platform.... Unless you know what you're looking for.

If you want another Facebook Messenger Chatbot tool similar to ManyChat but different, here are some options for you: 

  1. Mobile Monkey - A good alternative if you are a marketing professional and want a chatbot platform simple to use and focused on marketing and lead generation. 
  2. Chatfuel - A great alternative if you wanting a Facebook Messenger Bot, but you also want more control of development options. Chatfuel has a wide range of features that make it robust and able to do much more than the average chatbot platform.  Pricing is similar to ManyChat. They start free, then you pay $15 if you want a PRO plan. 
  3. (formerly called BotEngine) - This is a good alternative to ManyChat but different than the above two, can be deployed on many channels outside of Facebook Messenger. ie. Slack, Skype, and SMS. Pricing has no free tier. Just a 14 day trial. Then it starts at $49, and $0.01 per conversation over 1000. So it's more costly than other Messenger Chatbot tools, however, it does has many additional feature and benefits.  
  4. FlowXO - A another good alternative to ManyChat and it's features set is somewhat like It can be used on many different websites and platforms. Note: The pricing is kind of strange and limited in my opinion. 
  5. - A good alternative to ManyChat especially if you  are wanting your bot deployed on Shopify. This is their main focus. E-Commerce chatbots working with Shopify. 

If you are looking for a ManyChat alternative that does not have to work on Facebook Messenger, consider and Drift. 

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