What is Conversational Marketing

According to Drift : Conversational marketing marketing is defined as a one-to-one approach to marketing that companies use to shorten their sales cycle, learn about their customers, and create a more human buying experience.

Conversational Marketing According to Chatbot Funnels

"Humanize your marketing with zero pressure conversations"

Conversational marketing is a strategy that brings empathy and humanity to your digital content and lead generation.  Empathy because you are seeking to understand before grasping for contact info. Humanity because your language is inviting and less formal as your bot or agent seeks a posture of service.

With conversations powered by chatbots, you empower the buyer to drive the sales process. They get real-time answers from an agent or from a bot. The experience to them is seamless and efficient.

✓ No longer must you wait for users to fill out a form. 

✓ No longer do you have to respond to every lead the same. 

✓ No longer must users wait for automation trigger.

Conversational marketing treats visitors as people, not leads.

So what's the next step on learning about conversational marketing? 

Check out the 👉🏼 Conversational Prospecting

Or Check out the 📑 Conversational Marketing Blueprint


Learn how to map your most important prospects, pages, with the right people in your company to create a seamless conversational experience.

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