What types of chatbots can you build?

At Chatbot Funnels, our primary focus is sales and marketing assistant bots. We build chatbots that guide your prospects and customers along the buying journey.

We also create chatbots that serve as help desk or customer support bots. These cases normally requires your company to already have a details written document for how to facilitate customer service needs.  

As you think about what kind of chatbot you need, think of these 6 questions.

Our chatbot help your sales and marketing funnels in these 6 ways: 

The 6 Types of a Chatbots:

1. Chatbots often can convert website traffic into qualified leads better than cold and formal contact forms. When users are aimlessly browsing your site, a chatbot can greet them and find out what they are looking for. People who receive friendly assistance often freely share their contact information and become a new lead. 

2. Chatbots can nurture leads when email is ignored. This is often setup in two ways. a) We help you capture your leads on Facebook Messenger and nurture leads within their platform. b) We integrate email and chatbots together, so email conversations are carried to website and continued on chatbot systems while on your website.

3. Chatbots can nudge leads to get their attention. We use this for scheduled events and webinars reminders. Like the nurture strategy, we leverage the Messenger platform for it notification system. Users on Messenger will see and respond 2-3x more than email. 

4. Chatbots can help your website visitors find information you already have. This is being a bridge, taking people from one place to the location of their solution. That may be blogs, resources, downloads or help docs.

5. Chatbots can book meetings for your team. They first qualify leads and then route based on specific criteria. This helps your sales team save time and energy. Meet information is then placed into any CRM you have and reminders, cancellations and rescheduling features are available too. 

6. Chatbots can transfer hot leads to you in the moment. We recommend that you never expect the chatbot to do all the work. Rather you train it to hand 20-50% of the process and then transfer hot leads to your team when necessary.

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